Customer Testimonials on Aurora's therapies

(in office and remote)

"Wow, I really feel lighter and energized!" TH

"I really felt my leg cramps being calmed down in   my   legs." JS

" I came in wondering if this works, and can say now, yes it does!"  DH

"My knees feel so much better after just one treatment. I'll be back."  R.P.

"I can feel your energy from your hands and it feels wonderful!"  E.H.

“Aurora,this was the best session yet. I truly felt an immediate cleansing, less anxiety. I appreciate the "one-minute" meditation you had me do and about the LLI LLO. God bless you!” JR 

“Aurora, it is always such a positive & meaningful session every time I see you. You are truly blessed with a very special gift indeed!”JT 

"I believe Spirit led me to Aurora, because I first discovered her from afar and second kept moving toward her and her work in an uncharacteristic way. So be it. Now, I can say about Aurora that she can see the un-seeable, discern the un-discernable. She can balance auras, unblock stuck energy, ..... all and more for the sake of healing. I believe her specialty is to keep us safe and free of negative energies and entities. Her heart is pure in her intent to serve and assist others on their paths, maintaining their bodies in every aspect – etheric, mental, emotional, physical. Her scope and ken is broad and deep."          Kris 

"I had a remote session with Aurora as we live in different states.  She was able to help me by clearing some obstacles that were weighing me down.  It has been a few months and those particular obstacles have not reappeared, so I am very pleased with her work and its impact on my life!"  MF

"Dearest Aurora,

My daughter and I thank you for the healing you did remotely for us! It was such an incredible experience for us both! I never realized the power of clearing remotely before and we really appreciate the experience!